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18th Aug '07 :: Photoshop / Photo Effects
Add A Realistic Water Reflection To Any Photo In Photoshop

Add A Realistic Water Reflection To Any Photo In Photoshop
Learn how easy it is to add a realistic looking water reflection to any image in Photoshop. No water required!

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19th Sep '07 :: Paint Shop Pro / Text Effects
Text reflection effect

Text Reflection Effect
Learn how to make text reflection effect in Paint Shop Pro.

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8th Jun '07 :: Photoshop / Basics
How To Create Reflection

How To Create Reflection
An easy Photoshop tutorial that guides you through how to create a reflection for an object.

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5th Oct '07 :: Photoshop / Photo Effects
Creating Reflections In Sunglasses

Creating Reflections In Sunglasses
Learn how to take any image in Photoshop and have it reflecting in someone's sunglasses!

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6th Jul '07 :: Photoshop / Text Effects
Black Glass Reflection

Black Glass Reflection
This tutorial shows how to take some text and make it look like it is reflecting off a piece of black glass.

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13th Jun '07 :: Photoshop / Effects
Adding Reflection to an Image

Adding Reflection To An Image
Learn how to add reflection to an object in Adobe Photoshop.

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7th Apr '09 :: Photoshop / Text Effects
Simple Photoshop Text Reflection Effect

Simple Photoshop Text Reflection Effect
Learn how to create a popular text reflection effect in Photoshop. Topics covered include gradients, layer masks, choosing ready-made colors with the Swatches palette, and how to easily flip things upside down!

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