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29th Apr '07 :: Photoshop / Abstracts
Designing a cool abstract background

Designing A Cool Abstract Background
In this tutorial you will learn to create this cool looking abstract background.

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2nd May '07 :: Photoshop / Drawing
Abstract Summer Illustration

Abstract Summer Illustration
Learn to create an illustration picturing the summer.

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14th Jul '07 :: 3DS MAX / Modeling
Complex Geometric 3D Abstract Design in 3DSMax

Complex Geometric 3d Abstract Design In 3dsmax
This tutorial will teach you how to make a complex geometric abstract design in simple and straightforward steps using Autodesk's 3D Studio Max.

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25th May '07 :: Photoshop / Abstracts
Designing a Cool Abstract Background

Designing A Cool Abstract Background
In this tutorial I will teach you how to design and create a cool looking abstract background in Adobe Photoshop.

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18th Aug '07 :: Photoshop / Abstracts
Abstract yellow glowing background texture

Abstract Yellow Glowing Background Texture
how to make a cool abstract yellow glowing background texture effect in just a few steps in photoshop

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8th Jun '07 :: Photoshop / Abstracts
How to Design an Abstract Background

How To Design An Abstract Background
This tutorial will teach you how to design and create an abstract background effect in Adobe Photoshop.

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14th Nov '07 :: Photoshop / Effects
Photoshop abstract wallpaper

Photoshop Abstract Wallpaper
Today we are going to make cool abstract wallpaper. In this one I'm going to use Standard Photoshop features and maybe a little bit of custom hand painting.

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11th Jun '07 :: Photoshop / Text Effects
Abstract Text

Abstract Text
Learn how to put an abstract effect on text.

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10th Feb '08 :: Photoshop / Digital Art
Windows Abstract Desktop Wallpaper

Windows Abstract Desktop Wallpaper
Create an awesome abstract wallpaper by making your own abstract art

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27th Nov '07 :: Photoshop / Basics
How To Make abstract illustrations

How To Make Abstract Illustrations
Our tutorial will be about an abstract illustration made using basic PS techniques mixed with PS layer styles.

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